Finding Listings on Crockor

- How can I find listings?

On the main page of Crockor - which you can get back to from any page by clicking the logo in upper left corner of any page - has two main ways to find listings that you are interested in.

Browsing for listings

If you are after more general category and location based browsing you should start by clicking your location/area or nearest major town to you on the front page list.

The numbers after each location advise the approximate number of non expired active listings in that area.

This will take you to a similar looking page but with all the categories and the appropriate count for those categories within your currently selected location.

You can find other locations with the link list at the top, and navigate back up from subcategories there as well.


The current search function on Crockor is limited to fulltext search of the main ad content only - though we have plans to improve the search algorithm in the future.

It is limited to searching indexed words/strings 4 letters or more in length, which is also a limitation we are looking to improve.

If you search a few words it will display listings that contain one or more of those words though not necessarily in that order or near each other.

To search a specific phrase enclose the words within "quotes" - this will then search for listings which contain the searched phrase as you have typed it.

Using "quotes" lets the search know not to ignore spaces and separate the words but keep it as one long string.

Refining listings results

Using the side panel when you are on a page listings (not location or category browsing pages or viewing an individual listings) you can use some options to limit the results if there are too many.

You can search for specific words and some categories have additional options in drop downs or sliders as appropriate.

Subscribing to searches

If you are interested in a particular search and wish to be alerted when new listings are made that would match it you can use the subscribe to search bot and button as show in the above image.

If you have an account and are logged in then it will process the subscription straight away else, type in your email and you will get a confirmation link via email. Check your junk mail or other folders if it doesn't show up very soon after submitting.

If you are logged in and wish to manage your subscriptions you can click here