Creating the Best Listing

Try to stand out

When it comes to your listings content the main image is what will get a site visitor to click on your listing - along with your title. Having something eyecatching that will grab your target market's interest is essential. Exactly what that is will vary from business to business but with our free listings in all categories you can go ahead and try a few different options you have ideas for and see what performs better.

Look at what other advertisers listings look like in your location and category - if everyone is using green toned main images - make yours a different colour or a different style of graphic - ad a coloured boarder or some text. You could crop your image to a different shape or use an effect. You need to grab the target markets attention so they want to click on your listing when browsing to see what you have on offer!

Tracking individual ads you can do from links to your website if you have one - it will say the referrer link. Or you can use different links on different ads to see which got clicked. You could use different email addresses in the contact. Users don't see your account email only whichever you put in the contact section or body of your listing. We have in development the ability to see viewing stats for your ads but our wishlist of things we wish to add is quite long so it might be a little while yet. Stats are collected however so if you really need to know them for a listing or two you can request a report from Tech Support and it will be generated manually.

How to adjust the layout of your listing

By default when you hit enter it starts a new paragraph - these are double spaced - which you may not always want. If you instead do Shift and Enter it will do a line break only, which will eliminate large gaps.

You can use the options at the top of the editing pane to change font sizes, colours and background behind test areas if you wanted to highlight something important, such as your hours of operation or if there are special instructiosn for potential customers to contact you.

Using bold or slightly larger font sizes as subheadings if you have a lot of content will make it clearer and more appealing for potential customers to read. Large solid blocks of text will often be skipped over by people in a hurry who may have otherwise been interested.

Be Search Engine Friendly

People search on the site for keywords and Crockor is well indexed by Google. Make sure your listing contains phrases and version of phrases your target audience may use when searching for a business just like yours. No need to stuff them all in a single ad either - this can cause you to rank lower in searches. You can create a number of slightly different listings, space them out so not all on one day. Target specific groups of your target market with each listing. I you plan events for example, why not create different listings focused on weddings, birthdays, anniveraries etc instead of cramming it all in the one listing. Your keywords can me more specific - and make it easier for you to turn up higher on search results both within the site and through direct links from external search engines.

Crockor's current search field only searches within the listing main copy, so it is worthwhile putting in what phrases users would search to find you even within your category and location. We have plans to improve the search function but in the meantime this is a limitation on how it works. If you want users to see your listing within Melbourne Gardening Category when they search "Gardening Melbourne" then you must have that phrase within your listing - else users will only find it by browsing ads using the navigation links for locations and categories.

Using Emoji

We have added emoji support to the title and listing body only. So don't go making your location a picture of a house as it will not get processed and anything after may just be wiped too. Well chosen emoji that suit your business used with restraint may help gain some colourful attention. Going overboard may be a deterrent - think for for tasteful decoration rather than clumps of colours splodged about.

Remember to put clear contact methods

Fantastic listing created and published, people are clicking but cannot get in touch! Every so often an advertiser lacks contact details or only uses a method such a KIK which a potential customer may not use. Some of these site visitors come through to tech support - and you may get a message from us as a support ticket advising as such.

There is no direct messaging system used on Crockor. These systems are often used for spamming or abuse as some users feel untracked and just take the anonymous opportunity to run their mouth/typing fingers. If potential customers contact you directly by phone or text message it is much easier for you to get the communications in a way you prefer and easier for you to contact them back/block them if they are not someone you wish to deal with.


With a bit of html knowhow you can use the html edit to find tune your listing content - perhaps you want to add some fancy graphic swirl between paragraphs - if you host your own images somehwere you can do just that. Do take care however going overboard with GIFs or large images may make your listing look cluttered, messy or even broken. It is best to set the image size as width=90% or less to ensure they will resize nicely for users on mobile browsers as well. Avoid large filesizes. The images you upload to Crockor for your listing gallery are optimised for the size they will be displayed at - this make your ad load faster - if you link in high resolution images they may slow down your listings loading time and put off potential cusrtomers.

Please note for security purposes quite a large amount of code is not accepted, and will be stripped out when you submit your formatted html before your submit your listing. If you stick to pure formatting then you shouldn't have any issues.